Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chuck The Laces

I'm officially googoo gaga over these laceless oxfords! A nice seasonal update to the classic. It boasts of style and ease. Casual yet classy. Gear up for fall and buy some or if you already own oxfords, just chuck the laces. Easy, done!

Pictured from top to bottom:
"Louie Louie", Joie, $198
Snakeskin "Iva",, $295
"Brookings Cap Toe", Cole Haan, Zappos, $118
"Melanie", Steven, Zappos $99

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shoshanna Partners With Judith Ripka

Clothing designer Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss, better known as Shoshanna has partnered with famous jewelry maven Judith Ripka to create a jewelry line for QVC. Shoshanna is better known for her clothing line of dresses which was later expanded to include swimwear.

Shoshanna's new jewelry line aired last week on QVC and features 13 items, priced from about $20 to $75. The overall reaction was positive and she will be adding new items in the near future. Go to the QVC website and check out "Shoshanna".

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

iPhone Gagdetry

Tech geeks, iphone hackers and photo/video companies alike have all been working on ways to turn your iphone camera into a DSLR camera. You should see some of the crazy mash up contraptions some of these folks have come up with using duct tape and borrowed lenses! Finally OWLE has come up with this version which doesn't just attach to the top of your iphone like some earlier prototypes but rather, it encases the whole phone. I think this is a more secure way to add a DSLR lens to your iphone, especially if you'll be carrying it around in a bag of some sort. The image pictured above uses the OWLE Bubo iphone mount with a Canon EF lens. It also gives you the feeling of a handheld camera and allows for the use of a tripod. It's not meant to replace a real audio/video device. It won't magically turn you into a professional photographer and your pictures are not of the highest quality but it does allow you to use your iphone in another useful way, especially if you're already carrying your iphone and don't want to carry heavy additional gear. I think it costs about $119.
Take it for what it is.

Cool Stitching from Ligne Roset

Cool stitching on this modern seating from Ligne Roset. Check out their latest collections at

ENK in NYC again

Some impromptu pictures of jewelry from the ENK Accessories Show at the Jacob Javitz Center