Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Don't Break The Bank" Bridal Fashions

I'm not sure how many of you brides-to be out there are from New York City or live nearby, but just in case no one has clued you in on some inexpensive Bridal Fashion showrooms, you might want to check out RK Bridal on 39th St. between 8th and 9th Avenue. It's especially a good place to check out if you have a demanding work schedule like me and don't have the luxury of going to trunk shows and such.
Unlike David's Bridal, which I have nothing against because it serves a very practical purpose for soon to be brides on a budget, RK Bridal carries quite a few of the better known bridal and party gown brands. Not quite couture, but some well known names, none-the-less. Names you would definitely recognize if you've been pouring through a few hundred million bride and wedding magazines recently, like I have. Some names include Da Vinci, La Sposa, Impressions, Mori Lee, Mikaella and Paloma Blanca to name a few.
Unlike Kleinfeld's and most department stores, you don't need an appointment to try on gowns. In fact, you can try on up to 7 gowns at time. If there's a style or brand you're looking for that you can't find they can search for it. If you are bringing a big group of bridesmaids to accompany you, then maybe as a courtesy, you can call to make an appointment. Oh and YES, they do carry bridesmaids gowns as well.

I know you're a sharp skilled bride-to-be, so keep in mind, when you decide to do some online research about RK Bridal prior to going there, their website is not too savvy looking and you might have to sort through a few gowns that one might qualify as um, "ugly" before you find that one gown that is JUST GORGEOUS! Give them a try, you might be surprised. Happy hunting ladies!
Store hours: Mon-Fri 11:oo-7:00, Saturday 9:30-3:30. Phone 212-947-1155.
Above photos: Maggie Sottero, WAtters & Watters

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Future Is Now

As part of my job I'm required to attend trend forecasts and utilize our various online trend services to get foresite about what's up & coming and what's hot, often observing a gazillion runway shots in the process.
Sometimes I come out of the forecasts more confused then when I went in because they try to include every facet, color, style, and area of trend in order to satisfy all of their clients which range from ready-to-wear apparel to every category in accessories (handbags, shoes, jewelry, umbrellas, scarves, etc.) You get the picture.

Recently one thing has become clear in all the trend services I've used... RETRO FUTURISM is so in NOW! What the heck is retro-futurism, you ask? Ok, well as wikipedia puts it, it is:
"...an enthusiasm for the depiction of the future produced in the past."
For us lay people, imagine seeing a 20 something year old female dressed like Charlize Theron in the film Aeon Flux listening to Echo and the Bunnymen or better yet, David Bowie a la Ziggy Stardust, on her newly purchased iPhone, while sporting 70's disco ball earrings because she thinks they're "futuristic and cool". You've just witnessed retro-futurism. She wasn't born when Echo, Ziggy or 70's disco balls were cool, but for her, they all embodied a futuristic style. Ok, see where I'm going with this? NO? Let's just say its hip to envelope the futuristic trends of the past and yet dress savvy enough for life on a space station somewhere on the moon.
So while pyramid studs on accessories (think 80's punk rock) and round snake chains (think 70's disco) are NOT new things, there is definitely a new design take on them. It's just a matter of how you wear them and what you wear them with.
Keep your eyes open for more metallic fabrics also, but in pale, heavenly hues as well as bold, futuristic metal components such as mesh, disks, studs and mirrored balls on various clothing and accessories.
Above photos of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, Wendy Nichol jewelry, assorted runway and magazine shots for fall/winter 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007

All Chained Up

Have you ever spent a wasted hour trying to detangle a bunch of necklaces you had stashed away in your jewelry box or rather, your shoebox that you call a jewelry box? Well I have, 'cause I'm crazy like that. I think any one who can find a way to artfully take tangled chains and make them wearable and stylish without separating them is a style genius, not to mention fashionably MAD! Well, queue Gemma Redux and this abfab jewelry collection. Take one part copper chain, one part gold chain, 3 parts gunmetal chain, and a million parts silver chain, sprinkle a few pretty beads and you have, what I consider, a really chic and hip bauble that you can wear with anything from jeans and a tee-shirt to a foxy dress. How can you go wrong and you won't have to worry about it getting tangled in your jewelry box! It's already mixed up!
I say wear it with pride! Think about how much time it took to weave, braid and mix these chains up in a cool, stylish way!
Above image from Gemma Redux Collection

Belt It Out!

Can you believe that summer is almost over? I'm barely done gulping (not sipping) my brandy cocktail while enjoying the sea breeze being pumped in by um... the air conditioner at my local Hell's Kitchen bar and suddenly I realize that August is right around the corner and the summer is fading away so quickly. With the upcoming fall season sneaking up behind us to say, "Boo, I'm back!", it's no surprise that we're starting to see more length in shirts, dresses, sweaters and coats. But what's new with these is what's happening around the waistline.

Belted looks are back people and hotter than ever. I'm not talking about the low rise, low waist belted style that we recently witnessed these past seasons. I'm talking about back to the basics, above the hip bone, waist-line belted looks. You'll want to stock up on some fab belts this coming season.

So, all you shop-a-holics, fashionistas and style divas I give you permission to go out and buy that Marc Jacobs ostrich belt and that to-die-for Fendi belt with the giant faceted stone look buckle- you know the one, and while you're at it why not pick up the Burberry black patent leather multi buckle belt too. You know you need it! Happy shopping!