Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Giorgio Armani Hotel in Dubai

I thought this was interesting to share, what with the market being down due to Greece and Portugal's debt being downgraded and the fact that Europeans couldn't fly in and out because of some Icelandic volcanic ash for the past 12 days.

Dubai just keeps on cranking out the over-the-top theme of lux. Giorgio Armani definitely got his two cents in and then some. The first through eight floors, then the 38th and 39th floors of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper are occupied by The Armani Hotel. The price to stay at the hotel starts at $750 a night with you name it amenitites like an overpriced spa, several restaurants, a pool. Or you can stay for $2200 a night because they've got that too! I guess if money is no object....

Otte end of The Season Sample Sale

WHAT: Otte Sample Sale

WHY: Stop by our sample sale between 11am and 7pm Wednesday April 28th Through Friday the 30th to score great deals on clothing, shoes and accessories from designers like:

Elizabeth & James
Alexander Wang
See by Chloe
Vanessa Bruno
Loeffler Randall
Helmut Lang
Rebecca Taylor
…and many, many more! Nothing priced over $110. All major credit cards accepted.

WHEN: 4/28 - 4/30, W-F (11–7)

WHERE: 37 W 26th st Suite#305

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

IPAD or Apple Stock, What To DO?

I feel a little ill...I just read a headline that said, " If you spent your $499 on Apple stock instead of buying an ipod in 2001, it would be worth $14, 513 today." In 2001 Apple stock was $8 a share, they had just come out with the 1st generation ipod and it was amazing technology for that time. It revolutionized the mp3 player. But who knew that Apple the company would have this much momentum? Who could have guessed that they had so much else up their sleeves?

In 2007, they modified the ipod again for the sixth time! I can't even keep track of what generation they're up to with the nano's, the touch, the IPAD, and now the iphone 4 Gizmodo who's prototype was just recently lost then found.

Today the stock is $263 a share and to be honest I'm not entirely sure the IPAD at $499 starting price is a practical purchase as opposed to buying a laptop computer that has more practical functions. I am however, competely sold on all their other gadgets. Everyone loves having portable music and movie, access to applications and internet on their phones, so I still believe in Apple. This knowledge begs the question: should I spend $829 for a 64 gig IPAD, which is, let's be honest a blown up version of the iphone, or should I just buy the stock? Correction I just realized I own some Apple but trust me, not nearly enough for me to see major gains, but the possibility of owning more is a reality. I suppose it all depends on whether or not you believe that Apple will still continue to be the technology leader in gadgets 10 years from now. Just something to gnaw on for the next couple of weeks.

Out and About Town

So my last food excursion was this past weekend to the Bronx. It was a quick visit to Arthur Avenue. If you're not familiar then let me explain. To sum it up, Arthur Ave in the Bronx is a solitary block, yes one long block of mostly italian restaurants and food stores like bakeries, bread stores, pasta, etc. It is surrounded by non-italians mostly puerto rican and a mix or other latin cultures. It's a great place for eats if you're visiting the Bronx Zoo or the Bronx Botanical Garden or coming from a Yankee game, as many of the patrons that day were.

We ate at Dominick's Restaurant. There are no menus. Instead, your waiter comes over to your table and recites a list of the day's meals, he gives you a few minutes to decide then returns without pen and paper to take your order. Pretty simple! The 4 of us ordered a bottle of Chianti, a tossed salad to share(not pictured). The salad was romaine, tomoatoes, olives, cucumbers tossed with oil and vinegar. Then we followed that by sharing 2 large stuffed artichokes (not pictured, sorry!) It was a good thing we didn't each get a stuffed artichoke because the thing was big and very filling. It's stuffed with breadcrumbs, grated cheese and seved in a broth.

Now for the main course....we looked around at the other tables and realized the portions were huge so we decided to share 3 courses so that we could get a taste of several different things instead of eating a giant portion of one thing. As pictured in the first photo above, we ordered chicken cacciatore, a braciole (that's the thing that looks like a giant meatball), and cavatelli with broccoli rappe in garlic sauce. The cacciatore was cooked in a tomato sauce with potatoes, mushrooms and onions; the braciole was served with a tomato sauce as well and is rolled with cheese, breadcrumbs and prociutto or ham inside (yums!); the cavatelli with rappe was garlicky just the way I like it. Cavatelli is a pasta that is made with cheese inside the dough, so it has a soft, sort of chewy consistency. Don't you just love my skilled culinary lingo?

Anyway the food was great, worth the trip uptown. We capped it off with a stroll along the rest of Arthur Avenue and a stop at one of the bakeries for some desserts- pignoli's (cookies made with almond paste) You'll either love it or hate it. Some people find it too sweet, but the ones from this particular bakery were really good!

Hope you get a chance to try Arthur Avenue!

Acne, Filippa K, and Nudie Jeans Sample Sale

Keeping with the spirit of bargain hunting here's yet another sale to check out...

WHAT: Acne, Filippa K, and Nudie Jeans Sample Sale

WHY: Want Agency is pleased to invite you to their semi-annual designer sample sale. Enjoy 50-75% off spring/summer 2010 collections from Acne, Filippa K, Nudie Jeans & Want L.E.V. Get great finds for men, women, and kids including jeans, dresses, suits, pants, outerwear, knitwear, shirts, shoes, and accessories.

WHEN: 4/27 - 4/29, T–Th (11–8).

WHERE: 269 Elizabeth Street (btwn. Houston & Prince)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Greening Gotham

One of the trend forecasters we visited last week talked about fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2011. One of which is based on the "Etsy Culture" with a DIY message. It's all about contemporary crafts with thrift in mind and of all things, urban gardening. The forecast discussed trends influenced by ethical consumption and collective consciences as well as the three "R's" Recycle, re-use, repurpose. Think earthy, floral, crafty, maybe Liberty of London-ish prints.

Helping to move our cities into that way of thinking, some Anthropologie clothing stores will be celebrating Earth Day by hosting in-store potting events that are open to all ages. They will provide planter, dirt and plants. Their windows are stocked with garden-centric tools. They'll also be selling wildflower seed bombs for $6. A portion of the seedbomb sales will go to Urban Farms.

Do also check out "guerilla gardening" a book by Richard Reynolds where he discusses turning abandoned lands into green and edible gardens. If you're in NYC, take a visit to 48th Street, between 9th and 10th avenue. Hidden in the middle of the block is a community built garden/park that was once a city owned abandoned lot, but is now a flourishing grow-your-own garden that the neighbors take care of. Local residents are given a key to the garden when they sign up so they can harvest their own produce. There's also a small park area within it where you and friends can sit and have a great lunch or quietly read a book or play your guitar.

In the urban jungle there is such a thing as rooftop gardening. It's being practiced all over the world and as local as Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn too. If you're interested in finding out more about such urban gardening check out this site:  There are also a number of other sites you can look up. Here's a related article about Ben Flanner (pictured above in second photo) who used to do marketing at *E-Trade but then quit his job to become a rooftop farmer. Her turned the roof of an industrial building into a 6000 sq. foot farm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn! Green thumbs up for Ben the Farmer!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Icebreaker- A Thoughtful Brand of Clothing

My in-laws recently took a trip to New Zealand and while they were there one of the things they did, besides, eat great food, party and visit friends and family, was shop. One of the things they shopped for was a birthday gift to give me when they got back to the States.

I'm very excited to have been given a great product that is native to New Zealand and I want to write about it since the weather doesn't seem to be consistent. The brand is "Icebreaker" merino wool. Many of you who are into activewear and sportswear may already be familiar with this company. This was the first I had heard of them and the cute tops that I received are pretty darn awesome!

Icebreaker creates clothing that are as thin as a cotton tee but are made of merino wool.  I found that these fine guage wool tops come in handy especially now when the temperature is constantly changing from mid 50's in the morning to mid 70's in the late afternoon. You're never sure exactly what to wear. It acts as a thin shirt that's great for layering or when it starts to warm up can be worn alone. So it basically keeps you warm when it's cold and yet stays breathable for when it's warmer. The fine guage merino wool is right on par with temperature reactive materials that are becoming a major part of apparel manufacturing.

Another reason I wanted to write about Icebreaker is because it's Earth Week and as part of the growing trend of buying products from companies that behave responsibly with humanity and with the environment, I think Icebreaker deserves some props. Not only do they put alot of care into their products but they have a great philosophy and the clothes are well designed with nature and you in mind! Gotta love that!

One of the things they do is source locally grown fibers, farm raise in the southern alps of New Zealand. Then they look for global manufacturing plants that have the latest technology and also have ethical manufacturing practices, as in no child labor, clean air, good lighting and ventilation, a healthy and caring working community for their workers. The manufacturing plants that are chosen by Icebreaker must also adhere to international standards such as ISO 9001 (Quality Management ), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and the European environmental standard Oeko-Tex. The plants must also make an effort to reduce energy consumption and the use of chemicals to minimize the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. So when you wear Icebreaker clothing, you are wearing a thoughtfully and ethically created product.

When you purchase one of these Icebreaker items, don't forget to go to their website and type in the baacode from your clothing tag so you can check out where your wool came from.
Check them out here:

Earth Week Sale

WHAT: TEICH Earth Week Accessories Sale

WHY: Following TEICH’s eco-friendly ethos, in honor of the Earth Week, TEICH is hosting an eco-friendly accessories sales. The sale offers 30% off the Beekman and Atlantic collections of handbags and 15% off all jewelry.

WHEN: 4/17 - 4/25

WHERE: 84 E. 7th St.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Betsey Sale On

WHAT: Betsey Johnson Sample Sale

WHY: Accessories are 50 percent off and apparel is 75 to 80 percent off at the Betsey Johnson sample sale.

WHEN: 4/14 - 4/16, W-F (10-10)

WHERE: Millennium Broadway Hotel, 145 W. 44th St., nr. Sixth Ave., sixth fl.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WHAT: Julie Haus Sample Sale

WHY: Find deep discounts at the Julie Haus sample sale. Save from 50% to 90% off retail. Tops are $20 to $95, pants are $25 to $105, dresses are $45 to $250, and jackets are $50 to $300. Sizes run from 0-12, and XS-L. Our new diffusion line, J/J by Julie Haus, will also be available.

WHEN: 4/13 - 4/16, T-F (10-8)

WHERE: 39 W. 38th St., nr. Sixth Ave., sixth fl.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

37th Street South Tower Sample Sale

Attention all shoppers and shopaholics! Get you're luxury sportswear here!!! The styles are Oh So Feminine. Makes ya feel like a girl all over! The opposite of trash is ladylike and that's what you'll be if you buy Z by Zelda clothing. Sip your tea don't gulp it and for kracks sake cross your legs when you sit, no one wants to see the behemoth peeking from between your legs. Be a lady!!!

WHAT: Zelda & Z by Zelda Sample Sale

WHY: Zelda and Z by ZELDA, two modern luxury sportswear collections, will be holding their bi-annual two-day sample sale event. They specialize in novelty jackets, great fitting bottoms, fur trims, leathers, unique fabrics, and new silhouettes. Zelda designs have developed a large cult-like following of celebrities, as well as numerous politicians and anchorwomen. This sale event will feature fabulous one-of-a-kind designs and current season pants, jackets, blouses, skirts, and more. Find great suits for special occasions and the upcoming holidays in sizes 2-16. Items at this sale will be priced starting from just $35-$200, regularly retailing at $220-$750.

WHEN: 4/8 - 4/9, Th-F (9-5)

WHERE: 499 7th Ave (corner of 37th St.).19th Fl (South Tower)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A New Spin On Shakers

My better half and I have gone through about a half dozen salt and pepper mills, not just because we like our foods well seasoned but because he handles gadgets with the same finesse as king kong trying to pick an egg out of an egg carton. Same goes for the number of pizza wheels and vegetable peelers we've gone through. Christ! Don't get me wrong, he knows his way around a kitchen but he has a history of leaving a path of destruction for me to clean up.

Anyway, I digress. For those occasions when you're having company over and you don't feel like breaking out the monster 12" high salt and pepper mills and you're in the mood for whimsy, these magnetic salt and pepper shakers are just the ticket.

With your choice of black or white Magnito Salt & Pepper Shakers are made up of two halves, Magnito clicks together and pulls apart to reveal separate salt & pepper shakers. As a combined form, Magnito is a spinning top that rolls around on a table top. Each half is labeled by an “S” or a “P” delineating their contents and has holes with different orbits, which keep the salt and pepper isolated in their containers. Check them out at the Kikkerland website. You'll also want to check out the "Psycho shower curtain" on their website!

I'm Grounded

socket: $150 sterling silver
plug: $180 sterling silver and brass

I really got a jolt out of these. How very Yin Yang aren't they? Positive/negative, masculine/feminine connectivity, if you will. I like these rings because they're out of the norm (kind of like myself.) If you can't have fun with your accessories then what's the point of wearing them.

A note of caution to those planning on purchasing the "plug" ring: Don't plan a friendly game of "punch buggy" with your pals or you're likely to have less friends quickly or a lawsuit (quite possibly both). Oops! 

Do however buy both the plug and socket so you and your pal can each have one like the broken heart pendants of days gone by in which one half says "best" and the other half says "friends". How about one for you and one for your significant other? What better way to say I love you then with jewelry that implies, "you are my power source" or "together we have a live connection" Also a great gift for your favorite electrician?

Ha, and you thought I couldn't get any cornier! Shut up!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Elie Tahari Spring Sample Sale

Elie Tahari is one of those brands that is both fashionable and practical to own. The clothing and accessories can go from year to year and are not over the top trendy to the point where you only get one season's wear out of them. It's fashionable and classic. The quality of materials is great and the styling is impeccable. This is worth checking out. I own a few items by Tahari and am not disappointed.

WHAT: Elie Tahari Spring 2010 Sample Sale

WHY: Elie Tahari is pleased to invite you to their spring sample sale where you will find up to 70% - 80% off Women’s and Men’s Clothing, Shoes and Handbags! Deals and Steals include:

Shoes originally $198-498, now $79-99

Handbags originally $348-898, now $79-249

Dresses originally $298-698, now $99-129

Blouses originally $148-278, now $59

Men’s shirts originally $148-228, now $49

Leather jackets originally $998-1,198, now $279

Men’s spring coats originally $398-498, now $149

Specific pieces:

Glove leather jacket in red with - originally $998, now $279
Black jersey jeweled halter dress- originally $698, now $129
All over floral printed sequin pencil skirt in grey w/ chiffon hem- originally $398, now $59
Long silken leather jacket in chocolate brown- originally $1198, now $279

Reversible outerwear pieces- originally $398, now $149
Cotton-cashmere zip-up sweater with suede details- originally $278, now $69
Woven shirts in micro check, printed novelties, and classic solids- originally $178, now $49

Metallic leather sandal with beaded detail – originally $498, now $99
Patent leather wedges- originally $278, now $99
Leather ballet flat with jewel and metal embellishments- originally $298, now $79

Suede crocodile embossed clutch with chain tassel- originally $348, now $79
Lizard embossed shopper with tortoise handles and removable cross body strap- originally $ 798, now $249
Hair calf shopper in chocolate brown with wooden handle- originally $1495, now $249

WHEN: 4/13 - 4/17, Tu-F (8:30-7:30), Sat (10-5)

WHERE: 510 5th Ave. (Entrance 43rd Street - Ground Floor)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Louis Feraud Sample Sale

WHAT: Louis FĂ©raud Sample Sale

WHY: Misorena Limited presents the first ever women’s Louis Feraud sample sale. The French couture line features both casual and formal ready-to-wear, all made in France, discounted 75-90% off. Their spring collection features silk pieces and hand-embellished formal wear with sizes ranging from 0-16. Don’t miss out on the first and possibly last sample sale for this notable French couture house. Here are some examples of what you will find:

Silk summer Louis Feraud dress w/ silk lining now $300, orig. $2,375

Silk summer Louis Feraud print top now $120, orig. $625

Silk spring Louis Feraud dress now $160, orig. $895

WHEN: 4/5 - 4/10, M (9-7 (Friends & Family)), T-F (9-7), Sat (11-7)

WHERE: 260 5th Ave (28th and 29th Sts)