Sunday, August 26, 2007


Vanessa Bruno clothing is like crack for the fashionista! You will find many must have pieces that will help you float through the holiday season in a stylish high. Take this coat for instance... Brown wool, funnel neck, pleated bell sleeves, asymmetrcial buttoned placket and slit pockets. So many fun details, so little time! If you can't justify buying something like this for yourself at
$855.00 then consider buying it as a Christmas gift for your best friend or sister who happens to be the same size as you! I mean there should always be a reason for you to enjoy your purchases. Now you won't have to choose between warmth and style. Take a peak at it here...Vanessa Bruno Bell sleeve coat - NET-A-PORTER.COM - wool - brown - seaming Stylehive BM 219153 #:219153

Friday, August 17, 2007

Gold Stardust

Here's something you don't see everyday. A ring made of 18k gold that has 2 windows made of faceted white sapphire that are bezel set. The novel part is that in between the faceted windows are little flecs of 18k gold chips. As a jewelry designer I often hated to see scraps of metal go to waste. Talk about creative recycling! Nothing goes to waste here! Sure the designer of this ring could have collect all the chips up, melted them down and made something new but sometimes time is just not available to start over. The fun part is that it moves around and shimmers inside the faceted disks with your hands every movement. The brilliant designer of this ring is Moritz Glik and the price is $3,160.00. I guarantee your friends don't have something like this. Here's where to find it...Ring - Gold Chip Stylehive BM 214596 #:214596

Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm All About Easy

I enjoy buying clothes that are stylish but subtle. I'm not into dresses that are tight and scandalous, I like clothes that are pretty and comfortable, yet sophisticated. This Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent dress is just the type of thing that I'm talking about. It has just enough to bring out that little bit of hipster in all of us and it's tasteful with interesting elements about it. Like the ruffle detail at the bust and back. It sports a rounded neck, an above the knee hemline and a keyhole button closure at the upper back. It has easy colors to match up and it's cute! Currently $216 at Pair it with plum colored round toe shoes and fun handbag and you're good to go.

Check out this link for details: Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Round Neck Mini Dress - - cynthia - minidress - twelfth st by cynthia vincent round neck mini dress Stylehive BM 208375 #:208375

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The New Vintage

I love all things vintage, but there comes a time when you have to retire the black leather motorcycle jacket and the red leather Michael Jackson jacket to a far, far region in your closet, simply because it just doesn't play well with the hand me down Vittorio Ricci pumps your stylish aunt once gave you. Ashley Watson is a fashion blessing in disguise. She takes vintage leather jackets and other items and transforms them into new, wearable handbags that you wouldn't hesitate to wear today. It's brilliant really. She leaves in some cool details from the original jacket like the stitching or the pockets and integrates it into the bag as a functional element.

So even though I don't encourage hording your wares all your life, I do encourage creative recycling and this is a great way to do it.

Geometry, What's Not To Love?

I've always loved the idea of modernist fashion. There's something to be said about sleek, geometric forms in our accessories and we don't often get to really wear them. Here's something that I think you'll like. It's a cuff bangle by Schullin that incorporates a hard edged look with typically feminine materials like gold and diamonds. This can be worn with a crisp white blouse, or juxtaposed against a soft silk dress. The diamonds are small and unobtrusive enough for daytime and yet shiny and bold enough for evening. It's also a nice change from the usual beads and baubles that we're so used to wearing. And if you're from the city like me, it seconds as a great weapon against those aggressive tourists and sidewalk crowds. Just kidding, I couldn't hurt a fly!

Here's a link to one of the places you can find this bracelet...
diamond & gold "Spange" bracelet by S C H U L L I N - diamonds - design - jewelry Stylehive BM 206266 #:206266

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's A Cinch!

I'm wiping my chin now because I just drooled over the image of this belt by Lara Bohinc. It's beautiful, if I do say so myself...and I do! It's got a woven center panel and black leather trim all around. The best part is the textured snake chain pattern in the front. Nevermind that its black and easy to match with anything. It's a rockin' belt!
Why do I love it so much? Because when you're often running from your day job to an after work afair that sometimes lasts til past your usual bedtime, like I am, it's always good to be adorned in something like this accessory that goes easily from day to night. Imagine this cinched around the waistline of your favorite dress. Goodness, its even fun to wear with all black! Currently the price is BP300 and can be purchased at the Lara Bohinc boutique at 51 Hoxton Square, London N1 or call at +44 20 7684 1645.
For me, as for many women, it's all about the details.