Friday, August 17, 2007

Gold Stardust

Here's something you don't see everyday. A ring made of 18k gold that has 2 windows made of faceted white sapphire that are bezel set. The novel part is that in between the faceted windows are little flecs of 18k gold chips. As a jewelry designer I often hated to see scraps of metal go to waste. Talk about creative recycling! Nothing goes to waste here! Sure the designer of this ring could have collect all the chips up, melted them down and made something new but sometimes time is just not available to start over. The fun part is that it moves around and shimmers inside the faceted disks with your hands every movement. The brilliant designer of this ring is Moritz Glik and the price is $3,160.00. I guarantee your friends don't have something like this. Here's where to find it...Ring - Gold Chip Stylehive BM 214596 #:214596