Tuesday, April 27, 2010

IPAD or Apple Stock, What To DO?

I feel a little ill...I just read a headline that said, " If you spent your $499 on Apple stock instead of buying an ipod in 2001, it would be worth $14, 513 today." In 2001 Apple stock was $8 a share, they had just come out with the 1st generation ipod and it was amazing technology for that time. It revolutionized the mp3 player. But who knew that Apple the company would have this much momentum? Who could have guessed that they had so much else up their sleeves?

In 2007, they modified the ipod again for the sixth time! I can't even keep track of what generation they're up to with the nano's, the touch, the IPAD, and now the iphone 4 Gizmodo who's prototype was just recently lost then found.

Today the stock is $263 a share and to be honest I'm not entirely sure the IPAD at $499 starting price is a practical purchase as opposed to buying a laptop computer that has more practical functions. I am however, competely sold on all their other gadgets. Everyone loves having portable music and movie, access to applications and internet on their phones, so I still believe in Apple. This knowledge begs the question: should I spend $829 for a 64 gig IPAD, which is, let's be honest a blown up version of the iphone, or should I just buy the stock? Correction I just realized I own some Apple but trust me, not nearly enough for me to see major gains, but the possibility of owning more is a reality. I suppose it all depends on whether or not you believe that Apple will still continue to be the technology leader in gadgets 10 years from now. Just something to gnaw on for the next couple of weeks.