Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Grounded

socket: $150 sterling silver
plug: $180 sterling silver and brass

I really got a jolt out of these. How very Yin Yang aren't they? Positive/negative, masculine/feminine connectivity, if you will. I like these rings because they're out of the norm (kind of like myself.) If you can't have fun with your accessories then what's the point of wearing them.

A note of caution to those planning on purchasing the "plug" ring: Don't plan a friendly game of "punch buggy" with your pals or you're likely to have less friends quickly or a lawsuit (quite possibly both). Oops! 

Do however buy both the plug and socket so you and your pal can each have one like the broken heart pendants of days gone by in which one half says "best" and the other half says "friends". How about one for you and one for your significant other? What better way to say I love you then with jewelry that implies, "you are my power source" or "together we have a live connection" Also a great gift for your favorite electrician?

Ha, and you thought I couldn't get any cornier! Shut up!