Thursday, April 8, 2010

37th Street South Tower Sample Sale

Attention all shoppers and shopaholics! Get you're luxury sportswear here!!! The styles are Oh So Feminine. Makes ya feel like a girl all over! The opposite of trash is ladylike and that's what you'll be if you buy Z by Zelda clothing. Sip your tea don't gulp it and for kracks sake cross your legs when you sit, no one wants to see the behemoth peeking from between your legs. Be a lady!!!

WHAT: Zelda & Z by Zelda Sample Sale

WHY: Zelda and Z by ZELDA, two modern luxury sportswear collections, will be holding their bi-annual two-day sample sale event. They specialize in novelty jackets, great fitting bottoms, fur trims, leathers, unique fabrics, and new silhouettes. Zelda designs have developed a large cult-like following of celebrities, as well as numerous politicians and anchorwomen. This sale event will feature fabulous one-of-a-kind designs and current season pants, jackets, blouses, skirts, and more. Find great suits for special occasions and the upcoming holidays in sizes 2-16. Items at this sale will be priced starting from just $35-$200, regularly retailing at $220-$750.

WHEN: 4/8 - 4/9, Th-F (9-5)

WHERE: 499 7th Ave (corner of 37th St.).19th Fl (South Tower)