Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stories That Come To Life!

In my search for all things unique I often come across things that can be quite imaginative and beautiful. In this case I was impressed by a brand building campany called Kaspen and the promotional work they did for Anagram Bookshop in Prague.

Everyone knows how important brand awareness is, especially when you're competing in industries that are saturated with like-minded businesses. In today's world that's just about every industry. Book stores, bookshops are no different. Their main objective is to sell books right? Their main target are people that like to read. But how nice it is when they can also attract the non-readers (like myself). People with good imaginations but are stimulated visually (movies, theatre, live performances, etc.) Let me make a correction, it's not that I don't like to read. There's several factors involved. I don't always have time, I'm ruled by impulse and how I'm feeling at the moment and I'm picky about the books I'll read.

Since I reside in New York, the home of the mega bookstores like Barnes & Noble, the identity of a small, privately owned bookshop can get lost. Kaspen took the physical aspect of a book and translated it into art. They essentially found an alternative use for the book by making the images seem to leap off their pages. A flair for the dramatic.
Their company slogan is, "Launch Revolution" and if you check out their website http://www.kaspen.com/, you'll see that their graphics and their mission statement reflect this by using military symbols to give the impression that they have an arsenal of ideas and philosophies that help them fight small revolutions with each promotional campaign they undertake. They do succeed in making people take notice and in this particular case they succeed at creating a noticeable brand identity for Anagram- the type of bookshop where imagination runs free and the stories come to life. They also succeed at creating their own brand identity.
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