Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where is the salvation from the jury selection process??? My second day here, I didn't get called for the first court case and I was too biased for the second one. So now I'm back in the "general assembly" room waiting to be called for yet another court case. Subsequently, yesterday I did get to see all the camera persons and film crew waiting outside the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Court House to catch a glimpse of the Times Square Bomber. Would I want to be on that jury? On the one hand I want to see the guy fry (the taxicab driver said he wants to see him die!) on the other hand that's gonna be a longass process! Not much excitement is happening otherwise. Though I have spied some interesting characters in here like the guy asleep in the corner chair snoring so loud he woke himself up, and the Asian woman who showed up in high heels and a cleavage revealing dress. She seems to take a liking to older, white haired gentlemen (2 different men, 2 days in a row.) Coincedence? I think not! I did have a fun lunch in Chinatown. Thai Son on Baxter Street has a yummy beef dish called Bo Luc Loc. Served over a salad and white rice on the side, yum. As for fashionable sitings, ain't nothing happening here! Shoot me!