Saturday, October 20, 2007

Recent Splurge

I've been busy preparing for November market and a few weekend trips that have kept me away from my blog for a while, but I'm back! I just couldn't stay away for too long.

In light of the recent opening of the BCBGMAXAZRIA store on 5th avenue and 40th street, I had determined to mark the occasion with a browse through. I hesitated at first thinking it was just another clothing store and I could find better things downtown or online. I did eventually go in. The decor inside was sparse, illuminated by the bright white walls and ceilings. Assorted alibaster skinned manequins were posed multifariously in BCBG garb throughout the store. The sound of uptempo, heavy bassed music resonated all around me, coaxing me into a jubilant, sociable state of mind. I knew it was playing simply to entice me into investing my hard earned money in some fashionable, trendy accoutrement. Ultimately, it worked!

Frankly, it wasn't just the music or the mood I was in that did it. As I browsed I found quite a few items I could see myself wearing. A couple of silk blouses here, a few trousers and dresses there, I tried on several and made my decision based on fit, style, material and price.

I chose a beautiful pewter colored blouse. I'm currently overdosing on grays but I just can't get myself to commit to brighter colors lately, so pewter it was. It's an adorable smock blouse with a pleated scoop neckline, puffy elbow length sleeves with stitched cuffs, a drop shoulder ruffled seam and a button and loop closure on the left side of the hemline. It fits great, I could wear this out to a party, to dinner, for drinks, to work, with slacks, with jeans, with or without a belt, tucked into a slim skirt, with heels or with flats. I could accessorize it with jewelry or wear it without. Maybe I'll wear this to Thanksgiving dinner! The material is viscose rayon/ polymide and is machine washable. It's just so cute!

I paid about $180 for it at retail and that will go a long way. It was a delightful treat for myself and I had to share it.

If you're NOT near a BCBGMAXAZRIA store, you can find it online at:
BCBGMAXAZRIA Pleated Neck Top - - - silk top - silk blouse - bcbg Stylehive BM 246913 #:246913