Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Out with the old, In with the new

Since I despise clutter and over-crowding of drawers and closets, about twice a year I go through this ritual of throwing out old clothing to prepare for the next season. I never actually throw them out, I donate them to my local salvation army. Over the years I've also honed my skills at shopping for quality clothes that:

a.) stretch or shrink as little as possible when washed
b.) that still look good even when I'm bloated or put on a few pounds and
c.) that are big enough to be layered with other clothing yet fitted enough to be worn alone and still compliment my figure.

My method for sorting out is simple:
a.) if it doesn't fit anymore (for whatever reason)
b.) if I haven't worn it in a full year
c.) if it's completely out of style and can't be salvage or recyced

it goes in the big black garbage bag.

Since I'd recently gotten rid of alot of long sleeve tops I treated myself to a mini shopping spree. My recent purchases include a steal grey top by Flux Nouveau and a mink colored top from Bread and Butter.

The steal grey kimono jacket is double layered with a waist tie, open kimono sleeves and is 100% MicroModal fabric. Needless to say this top is attractive but it's also comfortable and layerable for when it starts to get chilly out.

The mink colored top is a really cute one with a tie at the neckline, elbow length bubble sleeves and is also made of MicroModal fabric. It's a good feeling to get things that you're excited about wearing. Both tops pair well with slacks or jeans.

MicroModal material is a feather light fabric that is a natural skin hugger. It's properties are similar to cotton and the starting material for MicroModal is beechwood from sustainable managed forests, so it is a natural fabric. It blends well with fine fibers like silk and cashmere and can be spun into fine yarns to make even the finest of lingerie items.

Here are the places to find these shirts.