Sunday, September 30, 2007

Style, comfort and value in a New York minute

I woke up one morning about a week ago, hurriedly took a shower, got dressed and started off for work. I walked briskly to the corner of my block, frustratingly hailed a taxi (frustrated because I'd forgotten that there would be an excessive amount of traffic that morning due to a general assembly at the United Nations.)

Finally getting a taxi, I got in and braced myself for the crawl through midtown. I preferred to turn around and go back home because in my haste I had been ignoring the pain from a huge, pulsating blister that had formed on my left heel because of the stylish but snug shoes I was wearing. At that moment I decided I couldn't spend the rest of my already trying day, in pain, so at lunch time I ran across the street to a David Z shoe store and looked around for a pair of shoes that were comfortable but not entirely devoid of style and that would still compliment my attire.

I was looking for something with a heel to give me a little height since I'm short and was wearing pencil thin slacks. The thought of having close fitting pants on such short legs with flat shoes on did not appeal to me. I found what I was looking for by Jeffrey Campbell. It was a pair of round ed toe, covered wedge shoes in a grey/green leather (looks more like heather grey) that has a thin, adjustable ankle strap. Since the wedge part was covered with leather it appeared to look more like a pair of ballet flats with an ankle strap. The inside of the shoe was lilac colored and made it look more feminine and appealing. They were cute enough to wear with slacks or a dress. When I tried them on, to my surprise, they were comfortable too. The leather was soft, so it was pliable enough to bend with each flex of my foot. It had a lightly cushioned inner sole so it could absorb shock. The price was reasonable at $80.00 and I knew I would get alot of wear out of them.

I made my purchase and strode happily across the street to the deli to pick up a quick lunch and then back to work. I walked home that day forgetting about the UN and the aweful traffic.

Check them out here: