Friday, September 21, 2007

Eco-Friendly Fashion

Ok, so there's been alot of concern lately about energy conservation and saving our environment, what with Al Gore's movie "An Inconvernient Truth" scaring most everyone into believing that raw materials like trees and water are not being replenished fast enough to meet our over-consumption. Now LA has banned plastic bags since plastic is not bio-degradable. I personally don't buy into Al Gore's notions of global warming however I still believe that we can do small things on a daily basis or even weekly basis that can alleviate using too much of anything. My office alone goes through copy paper daily like its going out of style. At the end of each week I think to myself, "What a waste!"

I recently purchased a nifty and stylish heavy weight polyester bag by Envirosax at one of my local housewares/gadget stores and I originally bought it because it was attractive and compact. I'm usually drawn to things that are small or that fold up small and fit into my handbag so I can be prepared for almost anything, wherever I am. I carry it around with me in case I have extra things to take home or drop off. Little did I know that it's a re-usable grocery bag, but to me it's more than that because I use it for alot of things- sometimes to carry extra shoes to work, sometimes to carry paperwork, sometimes to carry groceries or other bought items, so upon reading about it on a style network I was delighted to learn that I was being green! I think this product is great because it looks great and it encourages us all to be a little green. Thanks to the Australian based team at Envirosax.

More about it...Lightweight, waterproof, reusable, affordable. This assortment of 5 eco-friendly and super-groovy Envirosax are rolled up in a carrying pouch small enough to stow into a glove box or a handbag. With reinforced seams, each surprisingly large bag holds the equivalent weight of 2 supermarket plastic bags. The "Retro" design is great for guys and everyone can be Green! Size: 19.5" x 16.5"5 reusable bags in travel pouch; Less than $7 a bag! $7.95 flat rate shipping (no matter how much you buy!) And don't forget to snag some reusable product bags too!

Here's a link to purchase it: