Thursday, September 13, 2007

This was too cute not to write about. It's a wool felt applique white cat on a canvas background snap wallet. That's a mouthfull! I think that expression-less innocent looking face says it all. The details...his button nose really is a button- a snap button that is! The wallet is actually machine sewn around the edges so it's secure but the whip stitching gives it that crafted-made at home by loving hands look. There's an inner pocket that holds a few flat items like credit cards, cash and ID. Pictured here is the orange version but it comes in a variety of colors. Sadly the orange version sold out today on Whoa is me! But if you get lucky maybe they'll post more after they're made. Keep you're eyes out for it- seems to be a catchy item. I happen to be someone who loves both dogs and cats- yes call me crazy! That's one of the reasons this item caught my eye. It brings out the inner child in me (not too hard to do.)