Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gun Jewelry on the B-Side

Pictured above: Colt Spring Plug unisex Necklace, $225

How do you keep guns off the streets? One way is through NYC's "Gun Buy-Back Program" in which the D.A.'s office and NYPD partner with local churches to offer $200 debit cards to anyone who turns in a working firearm at one of their day events. If you consider how many innocent people including kids get shot even by accident each day in the tri-state then this is a good program. It's meant to target higher crime areas of New York like the Bronx for one. There are now about 5700 guns collected to date through the Gun Buy-Back Program which was started in 2008.

Artists Ken Leung & Dana Chin of Ken & Dana Design have decided to use gun parts to create jewelry as a means of reforming the violent association of guns to something that represents non-violence.

"B-Side" is Ken & Dana's "Gun Reclamation Project" in which they source parts from gun manufacturers and transforms the parts into jewelry. Not only is the jewelry cool but it supports a good cause. For each piece sold from this collection a contribution will be made to NYC's Gun Buy-Back Program. A great compensation to society and also a great piece of urban wear all at once.

Check out Ken & Dana's interesting history as well as their B-Side Collection at: