Monday, March 29, 2010

Raid The Attic For Treasures

If you can't get to your aunt's attic for those vintage finds, then this is a pretty good alternative. The only difference is you'd have to pay for it, but some things don't come for free, that's life! What I like about ZS is that you'll also find some great silhouettes that are current but that have some vintage detailing like a vintage scarf or bedsheet used as the trim or piping or pocket lining. Very cool stuff!

WHAT: Zachary’s Smile’s Attic Sale

WHY: Find deals on vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories at Zachary’s Smile’s attic sale. Samples from the in-house line are $10 to $48.

WHEN: Through 3/31, M–S (noon–8), Su (noon–7).

WHERE: 303 Mulberry St., nr. Houston St.