Friday, February 12, 2010

Butch Bakery Open For Business

Though the name Butch Bakery sounds like a hot spot for lesbians, it's actually a bakery which was started by David Arrick who once worked on Wall Street but decided to try his entrepreneurial hand in the culinary field. He has put a manly twist on the cupcake. We like a man who's not afraid to get his burly hands dirty in dough. Instead of pretty pink icings he tops the cupcakes with very masculine patterns like camo, plaid, houndstooth and wood grain.

He also infuses the cupcakes with liquor so you can find treats that taste like Rum & Coke, Beer Run, and Peanut Butter Bavarian Cream w/ crumbled bacon. Bacon on a cupcake...who'da thunk it! So whether you're a man or woman with a sweet tooth, there's no reason to shy away from having a sweet treat. They also deliver anywhere in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

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