Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Kiss From Bacchus

Photo 1: Wines displayed along the walls, above the tables
Photo 2: Wood block tables set for dinner
Photo 3: Insalata Barbabietole Rosse (Roasted Red Beet Salad)
Photo 4: Cozze Al Vino Bianco (Mediterranean Mussels w/ Garlic & White Wine Broth)
Photo 5: Costa Di Manzo Brasata (Slowly Roasted Beef Short Ribs served w/ Stewed Cabbage

There are very few people that don't like italian food. There are those who like it, eat the basics like spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, baked ziti (I have many friends who fall into this category) and then there are those like myself who love it and are willing to try more regional italian foods like grilled or stewed seafood and meats in delicious broths and sauces, harvested vegetables, and homemade pastas.

As an early Valentine's Dinner we dined at a wine bar that opened up in our neighborhood about a year ago. The name of the bar is Bocca Di Bacco which translated from italian to english means "mouth of Bacchus" or "Bacchus' Kiss". They have a full dinner menu complete with antipasti, soups, salads, assaggi (tastings), pastas and secondi (main course) unlike other wine bars that serve finger foods and tapas style dishes. They also have an extensive wine list, in fact the 4 page menu consists of one page of food and 3 pages of wines including whites, reds, spumantes, rosatis, and reserves.

The decor is meant to mimic a wine cellar, dark with wide wood plank floors, some brick, a touch of iron, very rustic wood tables and chairs. Fortunately for us our waiter was an italian named Giorgio from Padua, who gave knowledgeable suggestions from the wine list. We ordered 3 red wines: Chianto Classico Bucciarelli 2006 Tuscana, Ciligielo "Dedalo" Fiore 2004 Sicilia, and lastly Primitivo "Punta Aquila" Tenute Rubino 2007 Puglia. The first was a nice, light classic chianti, the second was slightly more acidic and fruity, the third was more earthy, minerally and complex where you could taste the tanins.

The food was excellent and flavorful:
Insalata Barbabietole Rosse- roasted red beets, string beans, herbed goat cheese, raspberry vinagirette
Cozza Al Vino Bianco- mediterranean mussels w/ garlic & white wine broth
Orrecheitte All'Agnello- little ear shaped pasta w/ roasted lamb ragu
Costa Di Manza Brasata- slowely roasted braised beef short ribs served w/ stewed cabbage

Overall price was about $100.00 including wines, excluding tip.

We didn't have room for dessert but everythig about this place was pleasing enough to make us want to go back another time.

Never forget to treat your stomach well!