Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good Belts Are Hard to Find...

I know how hard it is to find a good belt. Sometimes you want a nice brown leather belt with a small inconspicuous buckle or sometimes you want the buckle to be more prominent. Sometimes the buckle needs to be brass colored, sometimes nickel colored. Maybe you want a black leather strap that's more matte less shine, less texture, etc.

Well, if you like the idea of customizable belts then Badichi Belts is the place for you. They are located at 159 Prince St, between W Broadway and Thompson; SoHo; 212.533.2107. They are a Jerusalem based company and currently have 10 locations worldwide including the one in Soho. They literally let you mix and match thousands of belts and buckles then cut the belt to measure while you wait.

They carry standards shades of black and brown leather. They also have distressed, slashed speckled and faded, floral, metallic, and alligator styles. The leathers are also broken down by country- Italy, India, etc. The buckles are also categorized like, "edgy" or "handcrafted". They have dimpled and inlayed with ceramic. They also carry reliefs of bulldogs, horses, skeletons and more. So even if you're not sure what you need right now, it's worth a peak so you can determine what you'll want to buy later.