Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Busted Heel, Restaurant Week & A Sake Lounge

A couple of noteworthy points...

When my friend Tina and I get together we tend to do alot of walking around the city. Whether we're in heels or flats part of our entertainment agenda is to walk and talk, I call it "walky talky" time. Last week when we last saw each other we walked from 34th St and 5th to St. Mark's Place and 2nd Avenue. Crazy? Perhaps. Fun? Definitely!

In the process I had worn down the taps on my favorite heeled booties. The boots themselves are still in great shape except for the heels so the only thing it needed was a little TLC. Subsequently I spent the last 2 days trying to find a shoe repair near my job that I could drop off during my lunch break. Apparently the shoe repair business, along with other mid -town businesses, is a dying breed. The shoe repair shops near my home are non-applicable because by the time I make it home to my hood, it's usually past their closing time. So I opted for a drop off service during my lunch hour near work. I finally found one on 39th St. btwn Mad and 5th and they only charged me $10 for the heel taps and a shine. More than it being a hassle to find one, it saddened me because these are small privately owned businesses that have suffered because of the economic downturn. Hopefully the shop owners have found another place or another skilled business to keep themselves afloat. Meanwhile I have to do my best to keep this one repair shop in business! I got alot of shoes to fix!

On the upside, since it's Restaurant Week I'm taking full advantage and rounded up a couple of friends for Friday night. Although I should've booked a restaurant on Monday instead of yesterday. I tried about a dozen places yesterday couldn't get a reservation at my favorite spots within 2 hours of the 7:30 time slot. I finally made one at 10 Downing Food & Wine, a new place for me. The menu looks good and the location and time are perfect! I'll be sure to post some food pics soon.

Saturday night will be another fun filled night. I'll be celebrating a friends birthday starting the night off at Susie Wong Saki Lounge on 27th St. btwn 10th and 11th Ave. This place serves up bottle service saki, comfy lounges, swanky patrons, a DJ booth and fruit infused saki's all night long! Good times to be had!