Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Shoe-Inn! Give me More!

I'm a bit of a shoe and handbag whore, what can I say! I think I own over 9 pairs of boots of various styles. I won't even mention how many shoes I own, too many, it's embarrassing, really.

After a long day of work yesterday I treated myself by visiting the 12th annual Shoe-Inn Warehouse Sale. Wow! Nuff said! I did the right thing though I walked in with an idea of what I was looking for rather than going in blind and being overwhelmed by the multitude of shoes and boots awaiting me at Gotham Hall. This event space has cathedral ceilings and an open central area with tables of shoes separated by size. There were so many BEAUTIFUL leather styles. The leather boots alone were orgasmic! But I walked away happy with a cute pair of brand new, genuine brown leather and suede ankle booties by "One of  2" brand. The original retail cost was $200, Zappos and Pronto's websites were selling the all black version for about $103.00, my purchase only cost me $50 so I was pretty happy. They have a chunky heel and rounded toe, flexible sole and slit upper (which I call foot cleavage). And by the way, when I heard about this sale I didn't know about the gorgeous leather handbags, holy cow! My plan was to go back again today after work to check out the said handbags but unfortunately I had to work late so I missed today, what would be the last day of the sale.

However, inside sources tell me that this Shoe-Inn Warehouse Sale is on again next week!
Where: Different location: Manhattan Center Studio- Hammerstein Ballroom (311 W. 34th St.)
When: Wed. Jan13th-Fri. Jan.15th, 9-7 daily.
What: They accept cash and credit cards!!! What??? Yeah, for realsies!!!
Why: I'm determined to get a designer handbag on the cheap!